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Sabtu, Disember 25, 2004

Kota Bharu, here I come

I will be going to Kota Bharu next Tuesday for a one-day meeting with a colleague. My, the last time I stepped my feet in KB was back in 1997. That was 7 years ago. I still remember the KB town become dead no later than 8pm. As a frequent late-nite diner, it's pretty hard to find places to eat. How is KB nowdays? Is it still the same or it already becomes more merrier?

According to Air-Asia,
"It would be rather unusual, and contrary to what one thinks, Kota Bharu is far from boring! In fact, this city is the cradle of Malay culture, and is not shy to flaunt it! Kota Bharu captures the essence of all things Malay. This is one place you can bathe in the whispering breeze and be mesmerised by a myriad of incredible colours. "

Sorry, I couldnt find much when I searched for Kota Bharu in Google.

Merry Christmas and have a great celebration!


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