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Isnin, Februari 28, 2005

New Haircut, New Look

When was the last time you had your haircut and feel good about it?

I had mine last Saturday after 6mths interval. 2nd last was after 2 months giving birth to Amir. Nowdays, since I've been facing hair loss (penat vakum karpet, just to avoid Amir picking it and analyzing it and god, i wish the list will ended here), till the husband suggested me to wear scarf or tudung at home. So, in order to avoid that, I asked Auntie Oi Lian to cut my hair short.

Being lived on earth for almost 27 years old, Auntie Oi Lian is the one and only person who knows how to cut my hair. I've been to many saloons and barber shops, pay a few puluh ringgit for an oh-my-god-it's-not-me! look. I have thick wavy hair with slight curl at the end. Almost everytime, whenever I cut my hair short, my hair will become kembang, you know. (Psst. Twinsmom, maybe you can sketch this for me. Hehehe. ) Here, at Auntie Oi Lian's, she managed to get my hair done with only RM6. If you wash + blow, it only costs you RM11. Cheap and the result is a wow. I dont have to hate myself whenever I look into the mirror anymore.

So, who is Auntie Oi Lian? She has her barber shop at Pekan Port Dickson. I was introduced to her by my MIL, who happens to get her haircut since she was an anak dara! Can you believe that? Her assistants kept changing thru the years. When they got married, they left and so on. Currently, there is a young woman helping her. But still her loyal customer will seek for her whenever they get there.

After about 15 minutes, my hair get done perfectly. When I was about to wear my tudung, the other customer was waiting and as Auntie Oi Lian approached her, she asked that lady,

"So, you nak macam mana?"
and that lady pointed her finger to me and said, "Saya nak macam orang sebelah ni.."

Gee =)


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