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Khamis, Oktober 28, 2004

And so it begins

Hello everyone :)

At last, dapat jugak curi masa nak tulis sepatah dua kata kat blog ni. I used to blog once, but then, I stopped for a reason. Now, I'm back and trying to make a fresh start.

For an intro, I'm 26.6 years old. Married. A working mother. Location: Kuala Lumpur. Currently ulang alik dari PD ke tempat keje. My son is there with the in-laws. Penat? Dont mention. Apa nak kata, the husband doesnt want to send his son to any nursery, nor taking a maid. Tambah-tambah dengan you-know-how-many-cases nowdays. And I agreed. Anyway, this wont lasted for long. Lepas raya nanti, we are going back once in 2days.

Been working at an MSC-status company since 2001. Oh well, cant jot much. Just received a call from the husband. Mr H will arrive soon to pick me up. Till then, have a pleasant time ahead.

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