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Selasa, November 02, 2004

Avanza on the road

Yep, I saw a fascinating-blue Avanza last Friday, in JB while the husband and I were on the way to Jaya Jusco at Taman Universiti. Told my bro-in-law about it when we went back to PD. He just smiled. Well, his Avanza will arrive only in next 8 months. :P Teringat pulak dengan iklan kat TV & radio. Very entertaining.

H Jr, Amir, cried when his Wan cuddled him after we arrived. I guess the 4month-old toddler felt sad for not seeing his grandma for such a long period. God knows best. I did some berpantang in JB for 18days after delivered. Then I spent the rest of maternity leave in PD. I guess thats why. He missed his grandma so much, perhaps.

I brought back my new baju kurungs for upcoming Raya celebration. 3 pasang. One of them is from my mom. Dah besar, dah kawin pun, mak still belikan baju ke? :P

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