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Jumaat, November 26, 2004

Baby in town

Amir is here, with us. The in-laws went to Penang yesterday. The husband takes 2days leave to take care of Amir. ME? working lor. Lotsa work have to be done and completed by Friday evening. So, last night, Amir was busy wondering around. He always like that whenever he's at a new place. Strange, the home is a new place to him :(

Went to lotsa new blogs today - mostly followed by links provided by Nana. Thanks fren! Not that I have ample time to read, but then, hey, I need some time to rest my mind. Asyik mengadap coding je, bley terbakar fius.

Just registered to become a member of PhotoBucket. Got this idea while browsing Najwa's blog. After this, I can put lotsa pictures of Amir. Yay! Anyway, he'll become 5mths in next 2days. Gotta go to clinic to get his Hepatitis B injection later.

Amir on September 2nd 2004, 9.15am.

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