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Sabtu, November 27, 2004

Thank god its Friday

Subscription fee for registered users effective 20 December 2004. Yes, it costs us, RM1/mth. Haiyo, ini macam, any feedback emails can get faster reply or not? "Dah la keluar duit lebih 4 kali sebulan kena charge. Mentang-mentang la duit aku tak banyak.." said one of the engineer at the office. Hehe. Yeah, its known that we have to keep balance at least 5K to not be charged.

The in-laws arrived in KL last night. By now, Amir is already at PD (its Port Dickson, ok? not Pantai Dalam and such) this morning. The routine will resume. Hehe. Nowdays, Amir referring to us, his parents as "abu". I guess, that's a shortform of (A)bah and I(bu). Very well. Convenient way of calling us both straight away.

Cant jot much. Kepala tepu with PHP & PostgreSQL code. Luckily gaji dah masuk. Perhaps can do some shopping this weekend. Hmm..

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