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Rabu, November 03, 2004


I'm taking a break before going back home. Yep, the office hour during fasting month will ended at 4.30pm. With a condition, no lunch break :P

Been staring at programming code for hours and my eyes are tired. Lucky, I dont have to drive back home. I have a driving license. Taken on March last year, few days before my birthday. March 2005, I'll get full license. No more P - which has many interpretation : Pro, Perlahan, Pandai, Pandir etc. I think I have another kind of P - (P)enakut. *nods* I just scared to drive. The most far I did go was from KL to KLIA, to fetch the husband. Perhaps this is the consequences of me being in a car accident when I was a kid.

The boss knew about my fear. In fact, when I got my driving license, he made an announcement to the company. Hehehe.

So folks, have a great break fasting.

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