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Selasa, November 23, 2004

Things that changed

Amir looks sad this morning when the husband and I waving goodbye to him. For the past 11days, dok mengadap dia and now we gotta get back to work.

My dad has a new gadget. He spent his bonus on a new digital camera. Something to wow at. Even me myself dont have one :P So, his camera full of raya pictures. My younger bro has become his photographer. 2 days back, my sister told me that they got the photos developed. Cant wait to see them all!

A few notes for the past 11days.

1) My parents will be going to Mecca on December 18th. Flight KT22 at 2030hrs. Gonna have a kenduri on December 4th. Cant imagine how the situation would be. Sure rasa syahdu.

2) Snake@home. Yesterday, my bro-in-law saw an ular sawa at the kitchen in the morning. *shrug* I dont know how long the snake was there. I entered the kitchen around 6am. My mom-in-law started screaming and such few minutes before 7am.

3) New road to Jelebu is completed! Though still ada a few lengkok-lengkok, but now it've been reduced! Last time I went back to Jelebu when my auntie passed away on March 14th 2004. A bit seriau jugak, coz when the road still in construction, we could see betapa tingginya tiang jambatan!

4) Jalan Kuala Selangor-Sabak Bernam havent fully completed yet. Bumps here and there. Amir nak tido dalam keta pun susah. I dont how long this thing will lasted. It've been years. I read somewhere, someone mentioned this situation started 6years ago? *sigh*

5) another fascinating blue Avanza on the road - NBN 96XX. I wonder when I could see the maroon Avanza.

6) The husband bought the PGL VCD on 10/11/2004. Just 5 days after the VCD being released. Punya la lama tunggu. First kata, release on 14/10. Then postponed - 25/10. Alas, tu dia.

Yeah, up till today, I still dont get any replies from Sucks? Yes.

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