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Khamis, November 11, 2004

Visa & MasterCard-lah

Just visited my fren's blog -- complaining about one of Maybank's branch. Well, yesterday, I went to Maybank Taman Midah to collect my new Maybankard Visa Credit Card (the one with Genplus chip). I've received my new MasterCard a few days back via Courier, they came to your office, you gotta sign a paper to show that you received the card and voila - use it lah. Why they didnt do the same with the Visa? Visa low class dari MasterCard ke? :P

When I was there, at Taman Midah branch, I was behind this guy- who accidentally overpaid his credit card via ATM. Mean to say, the bank owed him some $$$ -lah kan. I kept listening to his story. He said, he called some ppl in Maybank, asking abt his overpaid $$$. He claimed that some ppl told him he can withdraw the money. So he did. Later, in his credit card statement showed charges for Cash Advance activity. Tapi nak buat macam mana, charges is charges. And the officer kept saying - keluar duit guna kad kredit via ATM diklasifikasikan sebagai Cash Advance and thats why you kena charge yada yada yada though the bank berhutang dengan you yada yada yada. Kesian. Just because of misinformation, things like these happened.

As for my part - lepas dah collect the card, I asked the officer, why I didnt get any GiftPoints for both my MasterCard & Visa? (I did earn when I used Amex). They said, Wah! This shouldnt happen! Mesti ada dapat GiftPoints. Aiks? seriously, I didnt even get any! Complaints have been sent via email many times but no replies up till today. Email address ni, takde orang check ke?

I could call, tp paham2 laa kan. The phone number shown always answered by their secretary machine. And you have to wait b4 actual person could answer.

Looking forward to charge my Amex. They said we could get 5x GiftPoints for every ringgit spent. We'll see in my next credit card statement.

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nana berkata...

Yan, try post your complains through feedback form. I did it for the recent incident with the i-account. Apparently someone has forwarded it to the related dept, but I just wonder whether they will give 'honest' reply.. emm, sampai sekarang tak de dpt reply email pon..

n'way, selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir & batin to u n ur family.. enjoy the break, wokeh!

hazel berkata...

ish.. aku antar comment thru feedback form le tu.. hampeh takde reply..