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Khamis, Disember 23, 2004

Always be my baby

Amir is approaching 6mths early next week. As we watch him growing, we notice that he has 3 different skin tone. OK, he has
1) fair face 2) tan hands 3) dark legs

The grandparents said that perhaps he wants to absorb my skin color and the husband's as well. Yours truly is a bit, er hitam manis, while the husband is very-very fair. Weird isnt? I kinda feel that myself. When I look at lotsa fren's wedding albums, the bride mostly, fairer than the groom.

I was once, eyeing those whitening cream at Guardian. Those well-known brands, i.e Olay, Nivea, Loreal yada yada. But the husband caught my eyes.

"Nak buat apa tengok krim-krim tu yang?"

"Saja.. I nak jadik putih jugak.. *sengih*"

"La.. I sayang you and pilih you at first place sebab you gelap la.. Kalau cerah, sure you jadik lain.. You will no longer being you.."

Listening to that, make me smile - very wide. Hehehe.

OK, back to Amir. Taken from BabyCenter : The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading aloud to your child daily starting this month, as it's about now that he'll really begin to enjoy looking at books with you. No matter what your child's age, of course, reading provides an opportunity for cuddling and socializing that both you and your baby can appreciate. You'll also improve his language skills and prime him for a lifetime love of reading.

I guess, the husband will start reading books on Firewall, DHCP, Samba and stuff like that, to Amir again. :)

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