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Khamis, Disember 16, 2004

Lonely night

I'm all alone since 10minutes ago. The husband went out with a few bachelors from the office, to play badminton at Sports Planet, Ampang. Perhaps up to 1am. Anyways, I dont mind. He left me with his Nokia 6230 and his notebook. Enough for me to get connected :) So, here I am.

The husband already become so menjadi-jadi with Btefnet : Torrent. Later this evening, we watched CSI : Miami, Season III Episode 11. I could agree no less with Sham and Ash - the HDTV format, is so wow. Especially when its connected to the home theatre. Complete, eh.

One of my unforgettable moment watching DVD with the set is - Vin Diesel's XXX. I cant help from jumping whenever the "whoosh arrow" scene came up, like first few minutes of the movie. Mula-mula, of course, terkejut la. 2nd time, yeah.. still terkejut. Then I marked the time, to be aware lah konon. But still come to no avail. Hehehe.

Sheesh. Just 1min passed 11. WWE is on air. I might tune to Hitz as well. Gotta amuse myself with the husband's video recording on Amir. There are a few of them in his Nokia. Gee, I missed my son so much!!


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