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Khamis, Disember 16, 2004

Math class

The boss gave me an SMS last night, telling me that he will not be in the office for the rest of the week. That means, I have to handle the software development, to chair every morning meeting and of course, to compile their updates on their work etc etc. We are currently working on a project which to be handed over by January 2005. Meantime, we cant take any annual leave ler.

This morning, along the way to the office, I was busy with a calculator - calculating the new toll tariff from KL to JB. Yeah, everybody knows by now that by new year, the toll will increase 10%. Ish. Quoting Senyum Kambing at Utusan ~ "Hujan jugak yang turun.." Hehehe. Eh, back to my calculation:

Current toll - RM37.60, which fall into 11.24sen/km. Later, up by 10%, will become 12.36sen/km. *Hitting calculator* 37.60/0.1124 = 334.51957km. Gee, I didnt know KL-JB is this far until just now :P

So, 334.51957 X 0.1236 = RM41.346618. Would that be 41.30 or 41.40? It definitely couldnt be 41.35. Say, we'll take the latter, that will put an extra RM7.60 into our toll budget - pergi & balik.

Petrol? Well, the husband always fill-up the fuel either in PD or Seremban. The petrol is 1sen cheaper than KL. Same goes to JB, we still can get 1sen cheaper. He simply can get 31.93L with RM45.02 whilst others may have to pay RM45.34. With 32sen different, we can make a call for 2minutes and send 1 SMS. Hehe.

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