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Selasa, Disember 21, 2004

Long hours@kelana Jaya

The parents are already in Madinah by now. Received an SMS from Mama at 12.57pm yesterday.
"Ma dah tiba jam 9.30 pg msia 4.30 pg madinah."

Saturday morning was a bit chaos. My younger brother, Jiji, didnt show up as promised. Abah was quiet, while Mama kept wandering around. She already called bro 5 times that morning. I called once, unanswered. Then Mama asked me to call him once again. I did, and I wait until the machine secretary answered. It was 8.45am.

"You are connected to yada yada yada.. Please leave the msg after the tone.. Toot.."
"Eh, kau taknak hantar mama dengan papa pergi haji ke?" And I didnt remember the rest. Sarcastic tak? The clock showed almost 9am. And I couldnt tolerate with him anymore. Abah and Mama were ready to go. Suddenly, we saw Bro came back. Rushing. We left at 9.05am. No one dare to say anything.

We arrived at Kelana Jaya almost Zohor. We met Atuk, Nenek, Cik Aki, Cik Ros and their sons whom arrived earlier than us. Later, more relatives came.

While I was sitting at a corner, Bro came to me.
"Menitik air mata Iji masa dengar msg kau tadi Long.. Habis sume traffic light Iji langgar. Kalau ikut sangat, mmg tak sempat la.."
I just listened without saying a word. I just dont know what to say.

Around 6.30pm, annoucement was made.
"Perhatian kepada jemaah haji untuk penerbangan KT22.. " Masa tu, mata dah start bergenang. My other bro, Jijan said "Long, mak dengan abah nak pergi dah.." Isk.. Angah kept telling me to be strong. "Kita yang tua long, kita kena kuat.." I just nodded. The voice dah tersangkut. I was speechless. And the time came. We let the aunties, uncles, atuk & nenek do the hugging, etc etc first.

When my turn came, Mama said "Jangan bergaduh adik beradik.."

"Doakan abah dengan mak kat sana.." Abah said.

I saw Angah and Iji nangis tak ingat. I didnt see Jijan. Baby didnt cry as bad as Angah & Jiji. Tapi mata dia merah sangat. Abah and Mama checked-in 10minutes before 9pm. We managed to get ourselves the best place to wave and to see them.

To sum up, we ended up spent about 8hrs at Kelana Jaya before Mama and Abah check-in. Very long hours, but worth to wait.


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