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Jumaat, Disember 03, 2004


The office admin called Maybank yesterday regarding the RM12 charges per year. Let's see what he got. C&P from the email.

"Dia akan charge RM12 per one account bukan per account yang dah link kat"

The email also contains a question - "ada cadangan mana bank lain yang kita boleh masuk gaji? maybank ni mahal dia punya autodebit gaji charges".

Well, the husband would like to cancel his services, but couldnt find where to do so. Its suppose to be in Utilities module, I assumed.

Writing about cancelling services, recently, the husband just cancelled his Celcom's GPRS. When the operator asked why, he simply replied
"Digi punya murah lagi la.." Listening to the sincere reply, the operator just laughed. Hehe.

Nowdays, the battle of telcos seems so aggressive. From 15sen per SMS, reduced to 10sen, then reduced to 7sen, 5sen, 3sen and finally 2sen. Would there be any telcos that will charge only 1 sen per SMS? I guess when that happens, the battle should ended there, unless they want to charge 1/2 sen per SMS :P

Will be going back to PD this evening. Missed Amir so much by now. Semalam, siap termimpi dia dah tumbuh gigi.

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