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Rabu, Disember 01, 2004

Strawberry hemangiomas

Our dear Amir has a birthmark named Strawberry hemangiomas. It werent us who gave the name. The science world did. According to the article that I read, strawberry hemangiomas is

1) occur more often in females than males
2) more commonly seen in Caucasian infants than in other racial groups

Amir is a male, and he's not a Caucasian. Perhaps, I was terkenan to one of Germany toddler when I was in Germany during my 24th week of pregnancy. Hehe.

Yesterday, the husband and I went out ala2 dating.

"I kat Sogo ni. I tunggu sayang I kat main entrance."

So, I walked there from Maju Junction. We met, had a short window-shopping and we went back home by Star LRT. That night, I called 1 300 88 25 25, and we had some Hawaiian Chicken pizza, Deli chicken wings, Pizza Huts soup of the day and garlic breads. We had a good time. But deep inside, God knows how much I missed Amir. Tak sabar nak balik petang ni!

By the way, JAY, if you read this - Happy Birthday, again. Bila nak makan2 kek?

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