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Rabu, Disember 29, 2004

Singa beng@KB :)

Something wrong had happened in KLIA yesterday. First, I thought it was normal for Air-Asia to depart late. Then, we realised there were so many planes waited to fly. Flying machines of MAS, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines and not to forget Air-Asia, queued and took turn to depart and we were in the fifth plane. Our flight schedule said we should leave KLIA at 7.40am to Kota Bharu. We left only after 65minutes later. Seronok duduk dalam kapal terbang!

We arrived safely at Kota Bharu 45minutes later. Took a taxi that costed us RM23 to Nilam Puri. Greeted well, the meeting was OK and the food was great. I still could feel the taste of sup daging till now. *Slurrpss*

"Adik nak minum gapo?"
Listening to this, the host asked us, again. Hehehe. Expecting that the drinks will be damn sweet, so we replied,
"Er, limau ais.."
Then they did the order for us.
"Singa (Singer?) beng duo. Teh o beng se. Air sue se.."

And I was like, huh? Singa? Hehehe.

Meeting was officially ended at 3.15pm. The host offered to send us to airport. Yay! Tak payah tahan teksi! They indeed, offer to bring us to shop at KB. But, knowing that we dont have much time left, (I am very concious abt time) we declined.

At KB airport, I SMSed the husband. Urged him to leave the office ontime, so I dont have to wait longer at KLIA. Anyways, minutes later annoucement was made, telling us that our flight back to KL was delayed, again. This time not for long, only (yeah) 20minutes. Ok-lah tu. We arrived at KLIA at 6.10pm. But then another problem rose - connector from arrival/depature room jam! Ish. So, we had to wait in the plane till 6.35pm! We had enuff of waiting lah.. Letih!

To summarize, one thing to remember for our next visit to KB (if any) - do bring a camera! There are lots of beautiful buildings!

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