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Selasa, Januari 25, 2005


I received 3 missed calls from Angah this morning while I was in the meeting room. I'm kind of having goose bumps whenever I received SMSes or missed calls from Home or Angah. Seram la jugak. A lot of things can happen while your parents are not around. I was right. She called a few minutes after I SMSed her.

"Jijan accident long. Remuk kereta sume. Nasib baik dia langgar pokok. Kalau tak, dah lama habis terhumban dalam parit. Dah la parit tu besar macam sungai.."

*Sigh* Last time it was Angah, and now, Jijan. Lucky for my younger bro that he only got a few bruises and of course, still in shock. The Proton Saga must be in the worst condition ever.

Kudos to Angah for handling the situation calmly. But, being the eldest, I cant help myself not to worry about them. Though they aged from 16-24, I still see them as babies to take care of. Damn. I wish JB - KL isnt this far. I wish JB is just around Sungai Besi or Cheras or somewhere near or I have the luxury to fly.

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