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Rabu, Januari 19, 2005

Confession of a Mid-Twenty Mommy

(was Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen :P)

It've been almost 3weeks we send Amir to the makcik. Amir is doing well nowdays, compared to the first three days. Whenever I send Amir, the 2 little boys aged 1 and 3, plus a little girl, aged 2 will greet him cheerfully. I could listen them running behind the door whenever I knock it and they will rushingly trying to open the door for us.

"Adiik.. :) "

These toddlers will simply ask me to go so that they can play with Amir. Amir pulak, wont look at me anymore. He will turn his face to them and smiling + laughing. Sabar je kan?

So, whats the confession? Heck, I still dont know what is the makcik's name. She only managed to get mine two days ago. Itupun, because Amir was sleeping so deep and refused to wake up. So, makcik asked me to go home first and she will call when Amir's awake.

"Makcik tak tau pun nama hang no.."
I gave mine. But then, I was speechless, stuttered to ask hers. Can I simply ask her back,
"Er, nama makcik siapa pulak?"
My, I wish I have better question.

p/s: I'd be on leave from tomorrow onwards. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!


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