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Sabtu, Januari 15, 2005

Code red

It was 6.00am. Amir has started kicking my back. *Zzzzz* Huh? No response from ibu. Kick again!

"Hello ibu, wake up! Its my early breakfast time!"

Ok-la.. ok.. so, I went to the kitchen, grab the bottle, bancuh susu and went back to Amir. I was half awake, and I was surely walked like a zombie.

"Nah, drink your milk."

Few minutes went by when suddenly, "Gedebuk!"


I was asleep and Amir wasnt in bed! Damn it! Panic! Panic! We are on code red!! I rushed to the other side of the bed, and there he is, lying on his stomach. He looked at me with a smile. He was like, "Surprise!!"

I took him up. But it was too late, the husband caught me! I gotta face the look and questions yada yada.. Tsk. He must have been rolling and rolling. Perhaps he was about to roll again when he, uh, fell down.

Moral: No more sleeping in bed after this!

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