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Selasa, Januari 18, 2005

Screaming and clapping and jumping and..

Screaming at the top of his lung. Yes, that is Amir's new hobby. The husband suspects that he got that kind of thing from toddlers around him. 8hours+ surrounded by them, of course he gains something. Screaming is fun, so scream! Last night, he screamed and screamed. If you are somewhere around him, he can channel the screaming into laughter, else he would start to cry. He cries loud too. As if macam kena dera by his parents. Aiyoo. Sabar je la..

Thats not all. Few days back we heard something from him. "Daaa". That's all. Was about to search the word in a dictionary a-la Rachel in Friends when her Emma said something :P But its just a simple "Daaa". Forget it.

More, he also let us see his first clap. Yeah, Amir knows how to clap! He did that during Anuar Zain's performance in Juara Lagu.

These days, we kept receiving questions from strangers.
"Lelaki ke perempuan?"
We answered in union, "Lelaki".
"Laa.. Nampak macam perempuan".
Gaa? Again, this reminds me of Rachel, when most ppl thought her daughter is a boy. Hehehe. Perhaps its because of his uh, curvy eyelashes. I simply have no idea.

Recent photo of Amir at Futsal Endah Parade. He was jumping and jumping like hell watching the husband playing.


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