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Rabu, Januari 26, 2005

My Favourites

Note: this is not an advertisement or promotional post.

Last night, I managed to activate My Favourites 2, a new features introduced by Celcom.

It took me less than 5 minutes to register the husband's number and my mom BUT, it took uncountable minutes for the husband to get in touch with a real person via 1111. He gave up anyway.

But, this is something great about this plan: able to spend only 25sen/minute at flat rate throughout Malaysia. Very much better to compare to my current rate at 45sen for calls within the same area and 140sen to call my mom in JB? Nice :)) Now, I can make calls often rather to SMS. (Darn, it still charge me at 10sen per SMS). Was thinking to switch to Lite Plan, but since I love to SMS people at night, so, no point there.

But, be aware, if I'm not mistaken, it takes 15sen from your prepaid account for every SMS to 28882. Sabar je la.. So, as for myself, I SMSed 5 times to complete my registration.

1) FAV to 28882
2) FAV 2 ON to 28882
3) FAV ADD 019XXXXXX to 28882
4) repeat 3 with other 019/013/fixed line number to 28882
5) FAV LIST to 28882

So, if you choose to use My Favourites 8, do the math :P For more info, click here and here.

Have you activate your favourites yet?


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