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Khamis, Januari 27, 2005

When to sit?

I'm in the middle of installing Bugzilla. While watching the make install progress, I blog.

So, whats new? Well, Amir is 7months today! Yay!

Since yesterday, he began to clap so many times. He does it when I sing the Pok Amai-Amai song or whenever he gets excited about something. The husband also started to sing the song with different tune, of course :) They are still soundless clap but who cares :) Its soooo cute to watch at. But he inherits this shyness traits from me. Whenever people (okay, its us) stare at him, he will smile and stop clapping. Haiya.. Malu-malu kucing betul laa dia ni..

According to BabyCenter, we may expect to see Amir sits unaided. But with his current weight which nearly 10kg, which will make my arms stiff if I carry him for more than 15 minutes (mind you!), I'm afraid he'll be a lil bit late to reach that stage. We never saw him trying to push his body into a sitting position. Should I worry? Some people said boys' development are a little bit slower compared to girls'. How can I be sure of that? This is my first son!

Gee, I think I should get back to work, now.


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