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Rabu, Januari 12, 2005

Vicious headache

My brain cramped. I had severe headache yesterevening. Around 4.30pm, I SMSed the boss, asking his permission to go back home earlier. The evil headache was continuously tortured me till night and went on till this morning. Luckily Amir was sleeping deeply and he only woke up once at 3.30am for his night feeding. Thanks Amir.

Anyway, I had myself a panadol and I feel a bit better. I reluctant to take any panadol actually. Been trying to eliminate the usage since I was pregnant up till yesterday. This morning, since I cant bare the headache any longer, so I took it. To be frank, I have had this headache at least once a month, especially when er, my menses come. The husband felt sorry about this and he offered a solution.

"You'll be free from headache, at least for 9 consecutive months.." *grin*
"Huh? by being pregnant?"
"Ye-la. What else.. Hehehe."
"NOOO. I dont think Amir is ready for it." Actually I'm not.

I'm planning (It's totally my own planning. Never brought this up to the husband yet) to get another child when Amir is at least 15mths old. BUT, since I always wanted the next child to be a girl, I can only started to conceive in November. What a long long way to go. :P

Amir is planning something evil..


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