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Selasa, Januari 11, 2005

Emergency Leave

I was on emergency leave yesterday. Amir fell sick - slight fever + cough + cold. Couple nights ago, he slept restlessly. At 5.30am yesterday, his condition getting a bit worse. After Subuh prayer, we brought Amir jalan2 to find any 24hrs clinic. From Bandar Tasik Selatan to Bandar Tun Razak when we finally found one at Taman Connaught. The doc was still in his pyjamas :) He prescribed Amir with small bottles of ubat demam, selsema + batuk, which costs us RM50. Ooh! La! La!

As we safely reached home, we gave Amir those meds. Susahnyaaaa. He is so clever. He got the taste at our first try. Then, he kept his mouth shut, so tight. Despite of that, we still managed to complete the dose. 3 tablespoons of each med. Amir kept coughing, I mean, the fake coughing so that he could vomit those med. He successfully did that though. Habis basah tilam + baju semua. Sabar je la..

After the husband left, I stayed at home with Amir all day. He needed me to be at his side all the time. Whenever I tried to leave him for er, bathroom/toilet visit, he will started to cry. Alahai, manjanya anak ibu.. I had to play cak-cak with him first before I could leave to take my bath.

40 minutes after his second dose at 1.30pm, Amir fell asleep. He still needed to hold my fingers. Later that evening, his fever is getting better. So his cough. But not his cold. By night, his condition is getting much much better, but the cold is still there.

This morning, he looked a bit cheerful. I left the remaining med with the makcik. We are hoping to see the healthy Amir this evening. One thing that we noticed, he will become extra manja when he falls sick. Guess from whom he inherits that? Me!

p/s: Happy birthday Siti Nurhaliza. I'm not your big fan, but somehow your birthdate is on my mind. Hehe.


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