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Khamis, Februari 24, 2005

Blogger Vs Haloscan

Some of my fellow blogger friends have already move from Haloscan to Blogger commenting system. Well, I was first notified when I read Mdmafia post. Later I was more enlighten by Mr Papi, then I realised more at MG's and now by Narrowband. Kudos NB, for giving out tips as well. I might use that later sooner!

Since 2003, when I was first started to blog, I have always use Haloscan without knowing that they will archived the comments after 4 months. But, you may escape that by paying (or donate) USD12 per year. Thats almost RM50, right? I'm already paying for my batch's zonkboard at Seri Puteri. Not that I cant afford to pay Haloscan, but as long as we have any other alternative, why dont we go for it. Plus, my blog dont receive lotsa comments though. Max ever is 11. Eh, no. I'm being thankful for what I have. Perhaps my writing doesnt really get into some readers or visitors as well. I think I got to practise like how Auntie Lilian writes - write as if you are telling other ppl your story. I need to inject some feelings, emotion wise kot =)

By the way, have anyone realised that Gong Kapas Times is no longer exist? It's gone since somewhere in last week. Now I need to make a little spring cleaning at my BlogRoll. That would be *after* moving from Haloscan to Blogger. Tsk. My, I need to change my avatar as well! Must look beautiful in other ppl's comment section also!

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