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Selasa, Februari 22, 2005

The Silence of the Mommy

Hello readers!

Sorry for my er, almost 120hrs silence. No new post I mean. The husband left his laptop at his office during weekend. Perhaps he read my previous post? Lalalalala..

Anyway, yesterday was full of meetings. Morning meeting with future client (hope so!) and evening meeting with the boss and subordinates. Had lunch with the boss and other colleague. Got to know that he'll get himself a brand new Impreza soon to replace his V6. *Nganga* So, I got no chance to read blog and write at all.

So, what's up? Last week up till last night, I taught Amir how to sit. Gave my hands to him, he grabbed them and managed to bring himself up succesfully. He looked very cheerful. Fully utilised his hands holding rattles and the husband's handphone as well. We love to see his reaction whenever the phone vibrates or ringing. Hehehe.

I was kinda pushing him to start crawling also. Hehehe. Bad mommy! Very impatient one. "Saam Phook Lok Chor" which is literally, Three Roll Six Sit. That means, in three months a baby rolls over and in six, he sits up. " James said in his previous post. In that case, Amir is almost 2 months late!! Yay!

Here, another brand new picture of Amir. Enjoy :)


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