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Jumaat, Mei 20, 2005


Finally, I have time to breathe. To take a deep deep breath. It've been a long time since I took a leave from blogosphere. I had no time to browse other ppl's blog neither wrote for mine. Now, tho my To-Do-List still a long way to finish, but I really need to take a break.

For the past weeks, Amir has officially knew how to crawl. Means, he can moves faster than ever! Excited sungguh! Especially when we act like we want to catch him up. Hehehehe..

Other than that, I've started giving him porridge. All this while bagi makan nestum je. He loves it so much when Mama or MIL cooked for him. Tapi, he made some silly faces whenever I gave him porridge that I cooked. Sabar je la. This morning, he made that kind of faces again, siap kerut-kerut dahi. But when I added some kicap, he started to eat, with wide smiles -)

I think he doesnt like untasty porridge. I've read somewhere that its not good to put salt or sugar in baby's food, because their kidneys still not fully functional or something like that. Put ikan bilis a few, but still takde rasa. Haiyoo.. Guess kicap will be my last resort. Hehehe.

OK-lah, like I said, I just took a short break. Need to get back to work. Hopefully I can write in peaceful mode somewhere in next week.

p/s: I'll be in my 14th week tmmrw. Still havent got a chance to get my first scanning session yet. Tsk.


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