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Isnin, Mei 30, 2005

First Trip -)

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Nana and her husband for the arrival of another baby daughter in the family on last Thursday, 19/05 at 11.32am. Nabilah has become a big sister now!

Feel kinda tired today - Monday blues, yes, I still have it tho its already evening! Plus, havent got enough rest last weekend. Saturday morning dah gerak ke Melaka. Stayed at A Famosa Resort for one night with the rest of the office members. So wanted to go to Safari or Waterworld, but time didnt permit us to do so. Just some of us la, mostly who came with kids. The bachelors and bachelorettes had no problem to enjoy the moment. Dah la boleh claim tiket! Jealous betul.

That Saturday night was well-spent at Cowboy Town. Hehehehe. But we believed Amir didnt enjoy the show as much as us. Tak senyum langsung.

"Laju bunyi jantung dia yang.." the husband said. Ye lah, mana taknya - we sat not so far away from the sound system. After the fireworks show, we left.

Then, as early as 8.30am, we left to Chaah, a small pekan in er, Labis? Thank God Amir woke up early that day, else dont know laa whether we can meet the timeline or not. We arrived there around 10am+, sempat tengok pengantin nikah -) Yada yada yada, we left at 3pm.

That was Amir's first trip by bus tho and he behaved so great all the way. Atie managed to put a hairband on his head and one of our colleague managed to snap a few pictures! Here they are -)

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