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Rabu, Mei 04, 2005

Wednesday Blues

Its Wednesday everyone. Just a note to myself. Hehehehe. Anyway, the husband is not around, again. This time for much much longer period. Fortunately, Mama lets my brother to accompany me - to avoid another series of chaos morning =)

Amir still crying everytime I left him. Yesterday, makcik told me that he didnt stop crying all day except when he was asleep.

"Tak pernah seumur hidup makcik jaga anak orang yang nangis sampai macam ni.."
"Kalau orang lain yang jaga, tak tau laa.."
"Dia cerdik la. Tak nak dengan orang lain. Makcik nak masak, nak makan pun payah.."

Tsk.. I felt guilty. But what can I do? Quit my job and take care of Amir by myself at home?

This morning, all the way to makcik's house, I kept telling Amir to behave. Told him that he's the best kid in the world yada yada.. He smiled, widely. But still, as makcik opened her door, Amir started to cry. Haiyaa.. Makcik is looking forward for tomorrow, when Amir is expected to become better on day 3. Which I very much hope so.


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