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Jumaat, April 29, 2005

Always Be My Baby

When we were in Langkawi, Amir did something that really amused us.

One fine morning, he was sitting next to Abah on the sofa bed. Mama put a little square cushion beside him. Sort of to tahan him if he happened to fall. Suddenly he looked at Abah, who was bersila on the sofa bed, and smiled. Abah was watching TV at the moment, was surprised to see Amir's smile. It came all of sudden kan.

"Kenapa Mir? Nak duduk kat pangku Atuk ke?"

All of us were watching him, to see what he's up to. Then he held the little cushion and smiled again to Abah. Abah dah start concious tengok cucu dok senyum2. Hehehehe.

"Ye Mir? Nak apa?"

Later, Amir put the cushion on his lap. He smiled again to Abah. Wah, this little guy, nampak so cunning, I tell you! He paused. He watched the TV for a few secs. Tiba-tiba,

He put the cushion on Abah's knee, and leaning. As if he wanted to sleep on Abah's lap. My God, comelnya. All of us were like "Cutenya Amiir..."
And I "Camera! Camera! Cepat! Ji, amik gambar!"
But, heh, tak sempat pun, he got up and sat up straight like nothing happened. Hmm..

Amir later, with Abah on the sofa bed.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Amir in ERL, way back home from KLIA and the other one - Amir with the husband. Sorie-la. Mr Hazel is way too shy also. Hehehe.

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Anyway, this is the 2nd day Amir cried whenever I tried to leave him. For the first two days (Mon & Tue) I thought that was nothing sbb Amir will behave like that whenever he stayed with us for more than 3days. On Wednesday, he was fine. He seemed tak sabar to be in makcik's arms. But yesterday and today, he cried. Lots of ppl said, kids dont lie. What makes him afraid?


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