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Isnin, Jun 09, 2008

Gelak guling-guling

Taken from Ms Lola, again.

Yan, your dream job is to be a Rocket Scientist.

baca ayat yg first ni je aku dah rasa macam "WHAT?!"

You could definitely hack it as a rocket surgeon. Or brain surgeon. Or rocket scientist, we mean. Sorry, we're just not as smart as you! Anyway, your perfect job would be mentally challenging and intellectually stimulating — just like you. When it comes to anything that requires an eye for detail and a quick mind, you're the one for the job.

We're not saying you're a total nerd or anything, but you do enjoy putting your mental muscle to the test, even when it comes to little things like filing documents in a flash or performing ten tasks simultaneously. Nobody does it quite like you. So put that big brain of yours to work wherever you are and you'll make it to the top. Now that's smart thinking!

I need to re-take the test. Seriously.


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