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Selasa, Februari 16, 2010

Back Up Haloscan Comments

Few days back, or perhaps weeks(?) I read from Ms Iszan's blog, announcing that Haloscan will be shutted down for good.. ngaaa..

ni yang aku petik dari email yg pihak Haloscan hantar kepada aku.

Haloscan is being shut down on: Feb 16, 2010
The Haloscan hardware and software is physically failing and we have no choice but to discontinue the service.

Two Options: Switch to Echo or Export your comments FREE.
Although we can't rescue Haloscan, we are trying our best to limit the negative impact on users. To do this, we have worked hard to provide 2 options for Haloscan sites.

so today, while i'm crossing my fingers hoping it's not too late for me to backup my previous comments, I managed to log in to

Amik kau, dah lebih 3 bulan mak tak login you all.. ahhAhahahAhaha...

so, cepat2 ke Members > Manage Comments > Export.. kus spirit.. ada 3000+ comments nok.. cepat-cepat jugak la aku tekan button Export bagai sampai 4 kali.. jadik la.. dalam format XML pun takpe.. kerna komen-komenmu begitu berharga.. tak gitu?

This page will allow you to export your comments in CAIF format. After selecting "Export" below, please be patient as the process can take anywhere from a couple seconds to several minutes depending on the amount of comments you have. -- kata Haloscan..

there it goes.. my favorite commenting system. Haloscan. I suka sama you.. tapi apakan daya..

2 ulasan:

MN berkata...

oh dah tutup dah?
aku apa password pun aku dah lupa...

precious innocent berkata...

mak dah selamat backup komen2 dr haloscan masuk dlm blogspot masa jaman2 haloscan pening2 dulu... huhu

kene pakai commentluv la nampaknye...

-mama emma®-