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Jumaat, Mei 02, 2014

Checklist untuk High School Mega Reunion

Semalam, hampir separuh batch sekolah ku buat reunion kat TGIF Alamanda Putrajaya.

And now, dalam WA group tengah hangat diskas tentang next mega reunion sempena 20 tahun tinggalkan sekolah. Tu diaaaa. Dah tau la berapa umur cek. Hahahaha.

Sexcited OK. Laju-laju aku google apa yang patut buat sempena reunion walaupun aku bukanlah kepala paling besar.

So hereby, aku nak tempek beberapa link yang berguna untuk rujukan sendiri (dan mungkin untuk cikpuan dan tuan juga).

Checklist for Planning a High School Reunion

[] Assemble Committee (sedang)
Antara committee yang dicadangkan

  • Finance'"keeping track of the budget and all expenditures
  • Treasurer'"making deposits and arranging for payments and disbursements
  • Souvenirs and Door Prizes'"arranging for donations from local businesses
  • Classmate Locator'"this committee member is invaluable, and will require assistance from all committee members. Locating classmates is the hardest part of class reunions.
  • Public Relations and Media'"takes photos and places announcements in local newspapers, sets up Facebook Reunion Groups, and generally broadcasts the event in every venue possible.
  • Website'"this is something that every class reunion needs, in order to keep in touch, track who is coming, and be a general solid location of all information
  • Decorations'"this will include the design and decorating of the tables
  • Memorabilia Table'"gather items to display from high school days, including photographs, memory books, football jerseys, marching band hats, etc.
  • Event Chairperson for each event'"if you plan to have more than one event around your reunion, such as a family picnic and a dinner dance, then you need a chair for each activity
  • Vendor Liaison'"this person would reserve a band or DJ, reserve facilities, secure a photographer
  • Nametags'"this person will have to coordinate closely with the website master to keep running track of who is coming and who is not. Our committee member actually scanned in our high school Senior photos and created nametags.
  • Secretary'"takes notes of all discussions and suggestions or concerns.
  • Program'"keep track of everything and leave no one out

dan baanyak lagi tips menarik kat link tu.

Yang ni untuk rujukan Reunion Committee

OK, link yang kat bawah ini khas untuk yang jaaaaarang pergi reunion (like yours truly)

Preparing for Your High School Reunion

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