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Selasa, November 30, 2004

Amir is 5 months!

Amir is 5mths! According to BabyCenter,
"If your baby's making rude noises, don't blame your neighbor's preschooler. Most 5-month-olds delight in adding new sounds to their repertoire, and blowing a raspberry is a perennial favorite. In fact, he may love it so much that he'll do it over and over again. That's normal, too. Most babies master one skill before they move on to the next."

So, last Saturday, we sent him to clinic to get his Hepatitis B injection. When the doctor agah-agah, Amir senyum sakan. Kena inject, tu dia, nangis laa. Lucky, not for long. A few secs, he got his smiles back.

Yesterday, we went to my uncle's house at Putra Perdana. Ada birthday party for his daugher and he himself. Yep, if I'm not mistaken, both of them are sharing the same date. Best kan? This brought me to when I was at 36th week. The husband kept talking to Amir, "Amir, kuar la masa birthday Abah. Nanti kita boleh celebrate sama-sama." I was, gulp. This is my first child, no experience and such. Now, nak suh kuar cepat? But then, the husband's wish was granted, 11 days after his birthday. Hehehe. Itupun dah kira cepat la compared to my actual EDD -- July 11th, which is our 1st anniversary.

Actually, we only knew that we gonna have Amir instead of Amirah, just 2weeks before I delivered. Kinda shocking though, because all the time when we did the scanning, docs said, yeah, its a girl. When the day when the truth was revealed, the doc said - "Dah beli baju baby? Kalau dah beli warna pink, kasik nila biar jadi biru." Hehehe.

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