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Rabu, Disember 15, 2004

Black screen

We watched CSI - Season 5 Episode 10 and That 70's Show unknown episode, downloaded by the husband from Btefnet using Torrent. He took a few minutes to do the wiring from his notebook to the home theatre. The CSI quality, woohoo.. macam DVD! A bit unfortunate for That 70's Show, the sound was a bit lari from the lips movement.

I just finished a very very long code review session. Spent 2hrs+ looking at my dearest subordinates' code. Berpinar biji mata. Those green database queries, html & PHP code on black screen, urgh. Cant wait to go back home (read: PD). Being apart with Amir for 2days, feel like 2weeks. Haiyo, macam berchenta pulak :)

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