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Selasa, Disember 14, 2004

Love of our life

Yesterday, we went back to Jelebu to enjoy lotsa durians, rambutans, mangisss hehehe.. ok, ok.. mangosteens, langsats and kundangs. Unfortunately, due to overjoy, I forgot to bring Amir's pacifier along. So, he was a bit meragam when he wanted to sleep. We gotta put extra effort lah. Like swing him in our arms. Dukung sana kejap. Dukung ke sini kejap until he was fully tired.

Last time, when we attended a wedding, nak dijadikan cerita, somebody spilled some water on him. Habis basah kuyup. To make it worse, I forgot to bring extra clothes for Amir. So, tadah telinga and listened to my mom:
"Dah beranak kecik ni, sume nak kena bawak. Baju extra, seluar extra, diapers extra. Kau bawak anak bukannya turun naik bas, naik kereta. Nak bawak buai ke sana sini pun boleh.."

Iskk.. Luckily my cousin's wife brought extra clothes, for their daughter. That noon, Amir looked very pretty in pink :)

All these could be easier if we could apply some codes or functions in our life. Last night, I dreamed about this:

$stuff = array();
$stuff = array('$a_few_diapers', '$clothes', '$a_pacifier', '$one_tin_of_milk', '$bottle', '$a_rubber_mat',
'$pureens_baby_wipes', '$johnson_and_johnsons_kit', '$hot_water', '$air_masak_sejuk');

if ($going_out == 1) bring $stuff;
else who cares;

And whenever he cries for milk, I might as well call other function. Phew. Life's would be damn great. :P

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