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Selasa, Disember 07, 2004

Finally, 1sen has a real value

Actually, when I wrote Macam-macam lah, the husband already told me, news been spreaded out that Digi will only
charge 1sen perSMS. Though it only limited to family & friends package, but hey, at last, 1sen has a real value on its own.

This morning, I feel kinda tired. Back from JB around 8.40pm last night. The kenduri doa selamat cum open house was great. Many guests came and wish my parents "Selamat menunaikan Haji." Friends of Angah, Jiji & Jijan also came. Eh, thanks to As & Yatie for coming. :) Since Amir was around and menyibuk, he managed to get some belated duit raya as well. He revealed a bit of his true colors during the kenduri. He so attracted to other kids at his age/month. When the other started to scream, he yelled. When the others didnt look at him, he stared. When he got nothing else to do, he looked into the mirror. Yeah, he really obsessed on his looks.

Colors of Amir 1) pre-amuk, 2) so focus

Back to Maybank2u issue, registered users of can only deregister on 20/12/2004.

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