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Rabu, Disember 08, 2004


First, only 4MB, later, when Google introduced their webmail with 1GB space, Yahoo! made it to 100MB, now, its 250MB of storage. Whoa. Space allocation is no longer an issue. How time flies. Back in 1996, with 3.6K, I only managed to get a 2.1GB hard disk, 166Mhz processor, with other expensive stuffs - CD ROM player, keyboard & printer. Now, with the same amount, you may get a state-of-the-art computer with larger hard disk capacity and higher Mhz processor, of course.

Yesterday, the husband went to Domain Name Registration from Yahoo! Small Business. After choosing domain name etc, etc, he proceed to Payment. While doing this, he felt ery doubtful when the page redirected to Akamai yada yada. Knowing that Yahoo! is very big, its kinda impossible for them to redirect to other server instead of using So, he pressed Cancel/Stop button. Then he tried again. This lasted for about 2-3 times, when later, Southern Bank officer called him, asking about the transactions. He simply said "No, I didnt do any." Sebab he doesnt want to make the story even longer. By saying that, the officer will cancel any payment/transaction made. The husband was surprised when the officer told him, the so-called transaction already costs him a few dollar. Aiks? Benda tak confirm, dah kena charge? This is something awful when it involved big name like Yahoo!

He, later tried that again at home. This time it really works. My, what would happen to the rest who did transactions that being directed to outsider's?

Note: I have a few invitations left for Google Mail with 1GB storage. If you are interested, kindly drop me your email address at the Comment section.

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from Haloscan

Akamai works with Yahoo. Nothing to worry about.It is the company that basically provides the technology that Yahoo uses to run their search. Nothing to worry about, although, if you dont know that, it is worrying, of course. So yeah, better stop it before something goes wrong.

Another company that does domain b registration is (expensive) or (cheap, and their service apparently gets better - it sucked earlier). YOu can also register with and start building your webpage straight away with your new domain b. They provide loads of templates as well. Send me a mail if you want to know a bit more, okay?

Michael Teoh Kee Tat
is southern bank really that nice ?
anyway do send me an invite for gmail.

thanks for the explanation & info. I'll let the husband know abt this.

the husband is using their virtual MasterCard. SBB mmg monitor the transaction and will call whenever they felt something fishy.

I used the same SBB CC as your husband. Its comforting to hear they do that. So far their customer services are OK to me.

Another thing.... Its seems that Gmail is throwing invites to all its new subscribers eih.... Interesting.. And today is the first day my Gmail got SPAM! Damn this ppl work fast. I seldom use my gmail pulak tu.

Verrry Scary

yeah, theres nothing to worry about akamai. it all yahooooo! ;-)