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Khamis, Disember 09, 2004

A short story in December

We went to the office from Port Dickson. As always, whenever we passed by a Shell gas station just before we entered the toll plaza, I will take a glance at it. Last time, I saw a kid, carrying his basket, full of kuih. Walking from a customer to another at the gas station. Rasa syahdu sangat.

That, reminds me of a true story that I read from Mastika. This guy, was resting at a restaurant when a boy approached him.
"Nak beli kuih saya bang?"
"Abang dah makan. Terima kasih ye."
As he sat there, he saw the boy continues walking, trying to make a sell. Later, when he got back to his car, the boy approached him again.

"Bang, kalau abang taknak makan kuih ni, belikan la untuk isteri abang ke, adik-adik abang ke."
At this point this guy rasa kesian sangat, so he gave the boy RM10.
"Abang dah kenyang. Nah, ambik la duit ni. Simpan je kuih tu."

Then, when he was about to leave, he saw the boy giving the money to a beggar. This guy went out, and walked towards the kid.
"Kenapa adik bagi duit yang abang kasik pada orang tu?"
"Mak saya kata, kita tak boleh terima sedekah. Kita masih ada kudrat. Nanti apa kata mak, kuih tak habis, tapi saya dapat duit banyak macam ni.."

It shows, there's still sincerity in this world. The writer himself feels regret for not asking who's the kid's mother. Pandai dia jaga & didik anak. I wish, Amir could have that great attitude as he grows up. Amiin.

See his eyes? He got that curvy eyelashes from me :)

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from Haloscan

Hi Hazel,

The best time to admire Amir's eyelashes is when he is about to fall asleep as you are carrying him in your arms. I am sure you agree kan? :)

Hi Hazel, glad to have you drop by my blog :).

every baby is a blessing, singlet or twins as long they are healthy.
Amir does have very curl eye lashes, hehehe...I gotto use eye lashes curler for my girls :D:D:D...

101% agreed! :)

That Mastika story - I'm a bit hesitant to confirm its truthfulness, simply because I've
seen it floating around the internet a couple years before it landed on Mastika, and the new small edition can get a bit iffy when it comes to facts, IMHO.

I'd call it a parable. Probably by some well meaning soul trying to get us in touch with our human side.

Still, if it gets us thinking..

thanks for dropping by too :)

oh, I didnt know that. But the latest issue of Mastika published a story which I've read on the net before.