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Jumaat, Disember 10, 2004

IRC, Word Puzzle & Tiger Cup

During my old days when IRC Undernet server, there were lotsa shortform and terms being used. Most popular was ASL. At my first time, I simply replied - "aa, JB.. " without knowing it actually refers to (A)ge/(S)ex/(L)ocation. Later, I was introduced to IMHO, AFAIC, IIRC and not to forget VSAM. No, its not (V)irtual (S)torage (A)ccess (M)ethod - a file management system used on IBM mainframes. It was referring to Virtually Single, Actually Married :P When Undernet banned Jaring and TMNet users back in 1999, it changed everything. It became hard to find regulars. And we have to create new channel in other server.

Anyways, last nite, I helped the husband to solve The NST's Word Puzzles. Berpinau biji mata. We did that while watching Tiger Cup - Malaysia vs Timor Leste on NTV7. The husband got an invitation from his friend to watch the game live at the stadium. But he didnt want to leave his er, *cough* lovely wife alone. For those who watched the game, could agree with us that the score could be at least 7-0.

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