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Sabtu, Disember 11, 2004

To the banks in Malaysia

We stayed in KL last nite. The husband finished his job around 8pm. Had a dinner made in pasar malam. Then he went to sleep. I watched TV alone while reading a mag. Somewhere around 11pm, while watching Third Watch, I worked on NST's Word Puzzle.

This morning, had a chance to read some blogs posted at PPS. And somehow I came across a posting regarding New guidelines for bank service charges at The Star Online. Guess, that's one of most popular link today :) I'm not familiar with er, may I say, law? The article said "Bank Negara issues a set of guidelines next year". But Maybank will let the users decide on 20/12. Should we wait till next year then? If this really happens, Maybank will gain at least RM198,504 per year (referring to 16542 signatures as at 1150hrs). This goes to Public Bank I suppose, which currently charging their current account holders.

Quoted below is my favorite paragraphs :)
" In his letter published in The Star on Tuesday, Mohamed Idris said banks had gotten creative in finding ways to impose charges.

Citing an example, he said the move by a major bank to begin imposing annual charges for use of its online facilities from this month was ridiculous as this facility was supposed to bring down labour and processing costs.

He said there was “absolutely no justification” for the exorbitant fees charged by the bank, which was also increasing fees for clearing foreign cheques from RM10.15 to RM30.15 per cheque, as pre-tax profits of commercial banks in Malaysia had increased from RM4.5bil in 2001 to RM6.9bil last year


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