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Jumaat, Januari 07, 2005

Being Sentimental

When my mom bought me a new purse (yeah, she still did that :P) a month ago, I was so excited to transfer all my khazanah from the old purse into the new one. Note: the old purse was bought by my mom when I was a teenager. Considering now I'm a mother, so, kiranya tahan lama jugak la purse tu kan :) The old purse still in good condition, except there's a 2cm torn near the clear plastic compartment where we usually put our IC and driving license - done by the husband when he was trying to take my IC during my registration into labor room. Panik punya pasal. Hehehe.

So, what about being sentimental? You see, when I was transfering the khazanah, I found a RM10 note, folded nicely in one of the compartments. That RM10, was given by Mama to me when I left JB to work in KL. Of course she gave more, but I decided to keep only RM10 :) I dont know why I keep it, but then the husband said - "biasa-lah you. Sentimental sangat. Plastic pegi shopping pun nak simpan.." :P

Then, I found a few receipts. Some of them dated on June 16th - the husband's birthdate :) One from Kenny Rogers, the other is from King's Confectionery. Perhaps I lost or misplaced another. I wonder where will the receipt come from this year.

Last time, during the old purse era, I used to bring those receipts with me everywhere I go. Now, afraid of losing any of it, I keep them safely in my diary. Yeah, writing about diary, I love to flip the old pages. One of them was the day I got positive result from pregnancy test kit. The husband wrote something for me. There was also my personal countdown towards my big day. Yeah, of course I use the select age function. Hehehe.

Apart from that, I still keep some SMSes from the husband. The oldest was dated on 22/9/2001. That means, the SMS was received 3 years, 3 months and 15days ago. The most recent was on our 1st wedding anniversary. Uh, talking about my handphone number, the sim card was given by Abah. I've been using this number for years. I never change my number. Not even once. If I could, I'll try to keep the number for the rest of the time.

Now, I have a lot of things to keep.

Have you ever been sentimental?


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