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Rabu, Januari 05, 2005


As of today, I've been blogging at Apa-Apa je for 2mths and 9days. Just happen to do the calculation after reading Mrs Lilian's blog on "The bloggers socialising circuit" I dont know why I counted the days. Hehe. I didnt open-up any calendars and count day by day-lah. I just open my console and put a query like this -

select age('2005-01-05','2004-10-27');

And the result will display within a blink. Hehehe.

We are in the 5th day of new year. Today is the 3rd day we send Amir to a babysitter. First day, which was on Monday, he was OK. He only cebik-cebik, but no crying. That noon, the husband urged me to go back and see Amir at lunch. Else, he couldnt eat.

"I tak boleh makan selagi tak tau Amir macam mana."

Aiyoo.. So, I went-lah. He was OK too. The makcik was feeding him when I reached there. Stayed there for about 20minutes, then I came back home.

"Camne yang?"
"OK. Dia tengah makan.."
Then only the husband started to have his lunch. Alahai..

2nd day, Amir cried. He didnt want to let me go. Isk. Sedihnyaaaa.. Macam mana ni.. Who got the heart to just leave your son crying? After comforting him for a few minutes, he could paint smile on his face. When I was about to leave, he cried again.

"Takpa la.. hang pi dulu.. pandai la makcik pujuk dia noo.."
I just nodded. Cant say much..

Yesterday evening, we went back to PD. To pack his remaining clothes. The in-laws hugged him like would never let go. Rindu sangat la tu.. As for Amir, he looked happy to meet his grandparents again after leaving PD since Saturday morning.

Today, he cried again. But not as bad as yesterday. This morning, along the way from Port Dickson, he kept looking at his father. As if he was trying to say, "Abah, jangan la antar Amir kat situ lagi.. Amir nak tinggal dengan nenek.."

I wish I could quit my job and take care of Amir by myself. How I wish I could afford that decision.


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