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Isnin, Januari 31, 2005

Is this for real?

Yesterday, we surfed to Saudi Arabian Airlines to check the departure time for the husband's Mak Teh & Pak Teh's flight back from Jeddah. Since the first pilgrims' flight was delayed, we assumed the rest of the flights would face the same situation.

The flight was been delayed for 3 hours. They arrived safely at 3.55am this morning from the usual schedule at 1am. The webpage really helped us a lot rather than surfing to KLIA's website. Hehehe. They only stated DELAYED without the actual time the flight should be arrived. In fact, we called the Saudi Arabian Airlines contact at KLIA to get the latest information. However, they were also not so updated as the information given was 2 hours old compared to their website.

Dam di dam dam. Here comes the main part. I went to Airasia website, just for fun. Trying to book tickets from KLIA to JB at any random dates. Ok, we picked one, somewhere nearest to my father's birthday. Here what we got.

Is this for real? Free tickets from KLIA to Senai for adults? Heh, we have to pay for Amir anyway. Nevermind, can take that fares from his tabung :P We still need to pay for tax, of course. Pergi balik with Amir will costs us at RM96 only. Cheap!

Note: Al-fatihah to adik Mohd Yohit Mohd Farhan. I cried when I heard the news on TV. I cried again when I read the article in newspapers. I'm so touched. You survived from the operation, but your body couldnt take the meds. To adik Mohd Yohit's family, banyakkan bersabar. Allah tidak akan menurunkan dugaan keatas hamba-Nya kecuali apa yg mampu dipikul oleh hamba tersebut. May his soul rest in peace. Amiin.


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