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Jumaat, Januari 28, 2005


No network, means no work. BUT, no internet means NO email, NO surfing and NO blogs reading. Yikes! I'm suffocating! Surprisingly, our people at the other level have the luxury to connect to the net, but all of us at Level III don't? Hmm.

So, what I did to kill the time? There goes some spring cleaning for my desk. There were lots and lots of papers! Sorting them into 3 sections is something that I hate. First, keep the important ones. Second, shred the unwanted and third, to use them again as rough papers. Then my eyes catched another piling papers. Oh my, resumes.. Gee, I havent look thru them yet. Not even one. Nevermind, a procrastinator mind told me, the Interview will be scheduled somewhere in mid February. So, I still have plenty of time.

During lunch time, the girls went to Tesco Puchong. That was my first time though. So were the other girls except one. For almost 2hours, I only managed to get myself a T-shirt and a pair of red clothes for Amir. Also a new file for my insurance statements. Back to office by 1430hrs, rushing to nearest restaurant for lunch and ready to resume work at 1445hrs. Thank God by that time, the internet was up!

Tomorrow, cuti. I'm thinking of going to gym tomorrow with some friends. I really really need to sod my extra kilos! Hoping to reach my original weight back. I missed my baju kebaya so much!


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