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Selasa, Februari 01, 2005

Delicacies around Pekan Sungai Besi

Today, I'm just like the other SAHM. Why? KL cuti la. Yeah, same goes to other Federal Territories. Kesian orang Selangor. Hehehe. Kasi chance-la kan. You people were on holiday during last Thaipusam, aye?

I wont type much. Amir is awake by the way but surprisingly, he behaves well without the husband's around this time.

Back to the subject, I would like to share some gerais that offer best food. Recommended by my taste buds =)

  • Apam Balik - at the simpang 4 near Pasar Sungai Besi. Try get yourself the special apam balik - lotsa corns + kacang. Yummy! You may give yourself a treat of roti canai at the warung. The teh tarik rocks!

  • Cendol - if you find the Masjid Jamek, try drive along the sideway until the end of the road. There are 3 major courses, cendol pulut, cendol jagung or cendol jagung + pulut. My fav? Cendol Jagung :) Slurrp!
    Updated:Dang! I forgot! There's also Cendol Kacang. So, the special one is Cendol Pulut + Kacang + Jagung. I guess :)

  • Pure air kelapa - Near Berek Polis Sungai Besi. Located very near to new flats/apartments which painted in red/green/blue (I dont remember). They will added the ice when you buy, not readymade as other gerai would do, so you still can taste the air kelapa before the ice melted.

  • Fulamak Sup - never tried this yet but I received lotsa recommendations from friends. Why dont you give yourself a try then?

  • Nasi lemak with daun pisang - in front Tasik Heights Apartment. Nice :)) I just had one this morning. Hehehe.

That's all for now. Be back with more later :)

Note: I couldnt resist Yong Tau Fu and Putu Piring from Pasar Malam at AU4 Lembah Keramat. Try find them on Fridays.


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