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Isnin, Februari 07, 2005

The Return of The Parents

(was The Return of The King. Hehehehe)

I was on leave since 3/2 till yesterday. My parents have returned from Jeddah, safe and sound. Their flight arrived at KLIA at 2144hrs. 14minutes late than stated in Saudi Arabian Airlines website. Mama's siblings and Abah's siblings were there. Eh, not to forget my in-laws. Hehehe. There was some sort of small gathering for both families since my parents decided to go back to JB that night. We chit-chatted for one hour+ before we left KLIA. Abah went home with Jiji, JIjan & Baby, while Mama was with us - the husband, Amir & I. We arrived in JB at 4am. I mean us. Abah and the rest arrived 30 minutes earlier.

The next day, Amir caught some flu and cough. Adoi la.. His antibody is so weak lor. So, we brought him to clinic. We were the last patient. While waiting for our turn, Amir kept screaming in joy. As if he didnt feel sick at all. I think he loves to listen to his voice. When the second last patient went in the doctor's room, the waiting place became empty. He screamed again. His voice sounded echoing. He was clapping and screaming all the way until we went in.

Inside, when the doctor started to check his heartbeats whatsoever with the stetoscope, Amir held it with his both little hands. Kesian doktor tu. Can you imagine, a good doctor got to bend his body just to get close to your baby because your baby kept pulling his stetoscope? When the doctor finished checking him, Amir still didnt want to let it go. Wah, guess he wants to be the youngest doctor in the world!

"Ye laa.. Adik pegang la.."

The doc let it go. While we were talking about Amir's flu + cough, Amir was so focused, examining the thing. Finally, the time has come for us to leave. Doc tried hard to get back his stuff by realising Amir's fingers one by one. The doc succeed, of course. But Amir cried. Ish. Macam la benda tu dia yang punya!

The solution? Doc had to give his kayu, the one doc use to check our throat tu.. Amir was happy, we were happy and off we go.

This morning, the husband took Amir's temperature. 37.9 degrees. Now, he had fever pulak. Risaunya! Managed to sumbat him with ubat demam, batuk + selsema before sending him to makcik. Hopefully he'll be better by then.

Note: Seems like I missed A LOT of posts to read. Productive betul! But I'm sure, this week, blogosphere will be sluggish. Lots of our fellow bloggers are taking leaves to celebrate the upcoming CNY. Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance!


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