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Khamis, Februari 17, 2005

The Other Half's Secret Blog

Note: this post is inspired from 5XMom's recent post.

I just finished my blog reading session. Hehehe. Thats my routine which happens sometimes before or after lunch time. Click one blog by one blog till the end. Some post make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me think and some simply expose me to some new knowledge.

Recently, I found out that the husband has his own blog too! It was when I want to write something on my blog, went to and voila! another username which is not mine appeared on the screen. Apa lagi, went on googling la. Feel kinda bad about it because I used his laptop on that time. But, well, I'm his wife. Still got the rights to do that right?

Anyway, he havent told me anything about it yet so far. The blog is mainly about technical stuff like FreeBSD, DHCP and such, so I dont really mind. Will check on it sometimes to find if there's any other kind of post :P


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