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Selasa, Februari 15, 2005

The Same Old Story

I have lots of girlfriends whom already become a 1xmom or 2xmom. So far, as far as I concern, none of them reach 3xmom yet. Some of them are in 1.5xmom stage also :)

Nowdays, some of them, those who are in 1xmom group, SMSes me, or calls to share their son/daughter stories.

Anak aku dah pandai meniarap.
-- Nevermind, mine too.

Anak aku dah pandai merangkak.
-- Dang, mine not yet.

Anak aku dah pandai duduk
-- Yikes, not yet. not yet.

Anak aku dah tumbuh gigi.
-- Erks, not yet, again. So lambat. Some ppl said its because his uri was buried deep down. Gotta ask my FIL laa about this.

Anak aku dah pandai jalan.
-- What?!

So, when they finished talking abt theirs, they will ask,
"Amir dah pandai apa?"
I'll answer, dia pandai golek2, has a very keen interest on handphone, laptop, remote controls, football.

"Dah reti merangkak?"
"No. He's kinda heavy. And a bit malas. So, I guess, that would later la."

Just now, my mom called. Asking the same question also. I gave her the default answer.
"Sama macam last time mama jumpa dia.."
"Anak jiran kita kat sebelah umah ni, yang sebaya dengan Amir tu, dah pandai merangkak.."
"Huh? Dia ringan kot.."

Yes, ppl said not to worry. I'm not worried (oh yeah? Really? Are you sure?) but then, the questions want at par answers. Something like, if Amir is not up to the expectation, some of them will go "Ooooo..".

Dont know la.. I guess until Amir has reach that stage - crawls, sits etc, then only I could call + SMS my friends again. Hehehe.


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