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Selasa, Mac 15, 2005

Amazing Race at KLIA

Yesterday, my colleague and I went to Kedah. Yours truly had to wake up as early as 4.45am to get ready, eat some oh-so-damn-early breakfast and be at ERL station, Bandar Tasik Selatan by 5.30am to catch the first train.

Both of us managed to hop in, arrived safely at KLIA almost half an hour later. Check-in. And the flight went well, right on time. Went for a meeting yada yada yada and we came back to Sultan Abdul Halim Airport at 6.30pm to catch a retimed flight at 7.45pm.

While we were there,
"Jay, I think I've exceeded my wake up period. I'm so sleepy. Tired some more"
"Yeah, me too."
Those jagung and ice-cream that we eyed early that morning after we arrived no longer fancy us. In my mind, I just want to get back home, meet Amir and the husband, kiss them and sleep.

Thank God the flight departed on time. Weather was a bit teruk, so kapal terbang bergegar. Dang, I can feel butterflies in my stomach!

"We are pleased to inform that we landed 15minutes earlier." The stewardess told.

Look at our watch, and was like,
"hey! Its 8.30pm. If we are so damn fast, we can catch the 8.52pm ERL!"
But, no. the door was opened late and we managed to get ourselves out at 8.41pm.

"God, please. Give us wings to fly to ERL station! We have only 11 minutes now!"

So, both of us, walking so fast. People were looking at us as and some of them are smiling. Can you picturing us? One in baju kurung and the other one in kebaya walking extremely fast? Almost berlari but we cant because Jay was carrying a heavy laptop. Sampai angkat kain some more. Hahaha.

*panting* *panting*

Hurry! Hurry! Get the money! RM55 is enuff for both of us.
*Tolak duit masuk dalam machine*
Got the first ticket.
What? 8.53pm already? Man. We lost! I told us,

"Jay & Yan, you are the last team to arrive."

Familiar tak? Hehe.

Tsk. Next time, if we had 15 minutes to go, then we can start walking real fast again. With 11 minutes, forget it. Doesnt worth it. Better pegi shopping chocolates first. And yes, the ticket machine sucks too. They gave us coins, but refused to take any. I went back with lots of 50c coins in my bag.


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